About ISS

Dedicated to supporting our clients and their inspection needs.

Our products and services are all designed to ensure our clients maintain a professional edge. At ISS we understand that clients need affordably priced and workable solutions, that they can apply in their work right now! Inspection Support Services Inc. has a variety of products to serve our clients. Our flagship product, "Your Home Inspection Report" provides Home Inspectors with a first class reporting system that meets all industry standards. Because our client's need flexibility, "Your Home Inspection Report" is available in either a traditional binder or digital version in the 3D Inspection Software system and always at a competitive price.

Inspection Support Services Inc. understands that knowledge provides "professional power". The ISS Team are seasoned experts with years of experience when it comes to educational course development and delivery for real-estate, home inspection, construction, building code and other technical inspection related topics.

Our Team

Harry Janssen

ACI, C.E.S., NHI, R.B.T., Retired RHI

Claude Lawrenson

ACI, NHI, Retired RHI, ICE Certification Specialist, DACUM Facilitator, Retired College Professor

Ron Nokes

ACI, C.E.T.,C.R.T., C.I.A.Q.T., RHI

Sheila Nokes

Office Manager

Why Choose Us

The Directors of Inspection Support Services Inc. offer over 75 years of collective experience representing a wealth of expertise and backgrounds in construction, inspection, energy managment, engineering technologies and college education.

All of the Directors have served on provincial, national and industry related committees to help enhance and further the professional development of the housing and home inspection industry. At Inspection Support Services Inc. we utilize our expertise and extensive network of professionals, companies and educational specialists to fulfil your project.

  • Inspection Conference Presentationss
  • Delivered association training courses
  • Developed First Nation Building Officers training courses
  • Online inspector training
  • Offer Mentoring - Onsite Training
  • Licensed for (CMHC) Indoor Air Quality