ISS-Home Inspector Training Program

ISS offers a Home Inspector Training program of study for only $999.00* which provides access to our online course notes, webinars and scheduled exams. This includes courses ISS100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105 & 106. The courses are based on a blended learning format that is primarily web-based and complimented by "direct instruction" that includes weekly discussion/lectures through Skype or FaceTime. You may enroll in the program package price of $999.00* ISS999, or enroll in just those that you need. Courses start approximately Winter Semester Jan 6 - March 30, Spring Semester April 7 - June 29 & Fall Semester Sept 15 - December 7.. The program is based on a 2 semester system - see course list below.

Click on the course code number to view a copy of the course outline. The Buy Now Button will link you to PayPal, to enroll in your course or program of study. Alternatively you may register by submitting your electronic e-bank payment and course request to our ISS email. The course duration (length) is noted in brackets. A sample course outline with topics, webinars, dates and details can be reviewed here.

Program/Courses - Atlantic Region

Approximately 480 hours of education, taken over 2 semesters. Our 80 hour courses are designed to provide more intense and in-depth learning, simply beyond the basics, and not just another 40 hour course. This link presents the opening home page of our "Online Education Portal".

  • ISS999 - Home Inspection Training (480 hours Package) $999.00
  • ISS100 - Fundamentals (40 hours - Semester 1) $88.25
  • ISS101 - Plumbing (80 hours - Semester 2) $166.50
  • ISS102 - Electrical (80 hours - Semester 1) $166.50
  • ISS103 - HVAC (80 hours Semester 1) $166.50
  • ISS104 - Structures (80 hours Semester 2) $166.50
  • ISS105 - Building Science (80 hours - Semester 2) $166.50
  • ISS106 - Ethics & Report Writing (40 hours - Semester 1) $88.25
  • Course Delivery Schedule

    The program courses are based on a 2 semester system. You may join at the start of semester 1 or 2. It's best to enroll in advance - recommended enrollment on or before January 1st, April 1st, September 1st. Course schedule dates - click on blue banner above.

  • Semester 1: ISS100 Fundamentals, ISS 102 Electrical, ISS 103 HVAC, ISS 106 Ethic & Reporting
  • Semester 2: ISS 101 Plumbing, ISS 104 Structures, ISS105 Building Science
  • Program Notes

    Tuition varies depending upon the individual courses you choose. Online courses start at $88.25 for 40 hrs or $166.50 for 80 hrs. The complete program package* for only $999.00 which provides access to the online course notes and our proctored and scheduled exams. We strive to ensure our courses are both reasonably flexible and affordable. The courses are primarily web-based and complimented by "direct instruction" including weekly directed learning via Skype/FaceTimeā„¢ (webinar) based learning, facilitated by experienced, highly qualified home inspection practitioners. The courses are designed to be simply convenient to access and designed to meet your personal learning schedule. *Applicable taxes - extra

    ISS runs 3 semesters per calendar year. Winter intake, spring intake and fall intake. Note however, that specific courses are either semester 1 or 2. You will be contacted with details regarding your logon "user name and password" shortly thereafter by our Program Administrator. Our courses meet the CAHPI, NHICC, PHPIC and OntarioACHI education credits.

    BC participants are mandated by Consumer Protection BC to attend all webinar hours scheduled for courses. In-class is offered providing there's a minimum of 15-20 students.