H.I. Education-Freebies

As part of onging education & training we offer a number of "free" introductory inspection education courses. They are offered free and as is simply click on the link and take those that you need.

Our background includes 9 years of in-class and online post-secondary education at Humber College in Ontario, along with workshops, inspector seminars and also at conferences. Our courses also meet various H.I. association credits including CAHPI, NHICC, PHPIC, OntarioACHI & FNNBOA. Program eligibility requirements, as well as approved for education for licensing in BC & Alberta.

Education Courses & More

An essential part of our ongoing education and training process is accessibility to "free stuff". As indicated we offer a number of free introductory courses that are open access and with the caveat under the understanding of without any obligations to liability. Review our Legal Notes - Terms of Use. Simply our knowledge and understanding intended strictly for introductory educational purposes.

  • BEintro Building Envelope
  • ETintro Estimating
  • HIintro Heating
  • RWintro Report Writing
  • STintro Inspection Tools
  • BSintro Building Science
  • CFintro Code/Fire Protection
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    Are you interested in our complete (H.I) Home Inspection Training Program Package? Click on the appropriate provincial link below to find out more and register for your location. The "Register Now" banner above provides detail about our Home Inspection Training Program.

  • British Columbia (BC), Alberta (AB), Manitoba (MB) , Saskatchewan (SK), Quebec (QC), Territories (NT)
  • Ontario (ON)
  • Atlantic Provinces (AL)
  • ISS Program Notes

    Tuition varies depending upon the individual courses you choose. Online courses start at $88.25 for 40 hrs or $166.50 for 80 hrs. The complete program package* for only $999.00 provides access to the online course notes, our proctored and scheduled exams. We strive to ensure our courses are both reasonablly flexible and affordable. The courses are primarily web-based and interactive by "direct instruction" through weekly directed learning via Skype™ (webinar) based learning, facilitated by experienced, highly qualified home inspection practitioners. The courses are designed to be simply convenient to access and designed to meet your personal learning schedule. Courses offer course notes and proctored course exam, no additional fees.

    Full program is staggered over 2 semesters with a Winter (January), Spring (April) & Fall (September) intake. Note however, specific courses are either semester 1 or 2. The starting semester is not critical. Winter semester starts the 1st full week of January, Spring semester starts 1st full week of April, and the Fall semester starts 1st full week of Sept. Registration is required prior to start dates. See our FAQ's for more info. (July & August- course review and upgrades)

    NOTE: BC participants are mandated by Consumer Protection BC to attend all "direct instruction - webinar hours" scheduled for courses.