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ISS is now accepting a simple email form for your orders. Please indicate the product or products you require along with the quantities and your contact details. NOTE: Our online order form no longer is supported by our service provider, we apologize for any inconvenience. simply click on the email link below and indicate what you need.

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  • Email: info@inspectsupport.com
  • Product Review List

    The following products are listed and further detail may be found in our products web page.

  • YHIR - Inspection Report (Quantity 1-49 @ $21.95 each)
  • YHIR - Inspection Report (Quantity 50-99 @ $20.95 each)
  • YHIR - Inspection Report (Quantity 100+ @ $1.95 each)
  • Tarion* - New Home Warranty 3D-Software* ($100.00 each)
  • Commercial* - Building Condition Assessment 3D-Software* ($250.00 each)
  • * The software add-ons required 3D Focus Edition to add these inspection templates

  • NOTE: HST & shipping charges will be added to orders.
  • Questions About Products

    Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about our products.

    Phone: 800-659-9053 E-mail:info@inspectsupport.com

    Questions About Education/PD & CE

    This link takes you to the opening home page of our "Online Education Portal". If you have questions about how to enroll or need to enroll in one of our upcoming courses please contact our mail E-mail info@inspectsupport.com

    Some courses are semester based and start at specific time frames. Some courses are open enrollment. Some are offered both online and may be offered in-class where sufficient enrollment numbers have been met.