Report Orders

ISS is now accepting a simple email form for your orders, or alternatively direct payment either though PayPal or E-transfer to Inspection Support Services Inc - indicating "YHIR Reports". Our Your Home Inspection Report (YHIR) is now based on an annual use licensing fee. A full year's worth at $360 effective Sept 1st to Aug 31st annually. Inquire about the prorated rate for new users depending on the start date. Applicable tax is extra.

Complete the following "user agreement" when placing your initial order. Simply, we provide the report for your use as a "Designated User" for the agreement period. Furthermore the agreement has a maximum user "use" for 1 year. There's a spot to electronically sign and date the agreement.

  1. - Indicate license subscription type - Annual or applying prorated
    1. (Note: there's an annual renewal based on license "use" agreement)
  2. - Your contact information
  3. - Company and contact name
  4. - Preferred payment - E-transfer or PayPal
  5. ** New accounts - Name, address, phone, E-mail (Required)
  6. Email:

Report Pricing

The following report products are available and further detail may be found in our reports web page.

  • YHIR - Inspection Report (1 year subscrition @ $360.00 - Sept 1 to August 31)
  • YHIR -Inquire about prorate for your startup
  • Questions About the YHIR Report

    Please feel free to contact us by phone or email if you have any questions about our home inspection report. Further information and dowloads are available on the "Reports" web page.

    Phone: 800-659-9053 or

    Questions About Education/PD & CE

    Our "Online Education Portal" access. If you have questions about how to enroll or need to enroll in one of our upcoming courses please contact our mail E-mail

    Note: Some courses are semester based and start at specific time frames. Some courses (PD - Professional Developent & CE - Continuing Education) are open enrollment. Some are offered both online and may be offered in-class where sufficient enrollment numbers have been met.