Our product line began with our carbonless paper copy home inspection report - Your Home Inspection Report©. This inspection report (aka: YHIR) was created and designed specifically for home inspectors like yourself with the focus on providing an affordable report system that met the Standards of Practice for home and property inspectors. Back in the day the vast majority of inspectors started with a paper-based report system. Now we have taken the YHIR to a much more user friendly and cost-effective level.

We now provide a electronic fillable form format that includes checkboxes for the onsite inspection review as well as narrative spaces to add additional notes. There's also 2 pages for Sumarry/Additional notes that can be added, if required. Computer based report software tends to be either bloated in content or too basic, it can lead to questioning, as well as time spent understanding and rebuilding the report to your comfort level.

Inspectors can now purchase a 1 year royalty-free user license for $360.00. At this price point our clients that typically purchase 100 or more of our former YHIR report are now paying $3.60 per report or less. The YHIR report provides you with a "master" report template, that can be utilized over and over again for 35 reports or perhaps even 350 reports for the year. Since the report is based on an electronic form format, your report can be readily issued to your client. Additional report sections are provide below for your dowload. A new updated version is released every August 31st under your license renewal fee payment.

Further info - Please contact our office.

  • YHIR Reports
  • YHIR Authorization Form
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  • YHIR Report Cover
  • YHIR User Notes
  • Users Manual
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  • Due to recent printing and shipping costs we reviewed a number of ways to help reduce the cost of inspection reports.