Professional Development & Upgrading

The following courses are offered for PD & Upgrading Courses - Starting April of 2018. We can provide these courses in-class, online, or through a hybrid mix where sufficient numbers exist. Our background includes 9 years of post-secondary (College) level courses and online delivery in the college system in Ontario at Humber College. One of our instructors is a former college professor (now retired) that has provided various courses and speaking engagments for home & property inspectors.

The online PD courses may be started at any time you choose. Tuition varies and is listed noting credit hours and price. The course syllabus (outline) is available by clicking on the name of the course. Please note your registration fees vary (HST) depending upon your home location. Click on the appropriate "Register Now" province where you reside.
  • ISS-PD302 IAQ - Build/Renovate (TBA)
  • ISS-CE202 Code Stuff (TBA)